Our Story

The Robin Montessori was founded by Elisa and Agnese. They share the same values in creating an environment where the children flourish by becoming active learners, develop a love of work, concentration, self-discipline and sociability. By valuing each child as an individual, they believe we empower them to become confident and independent learners.

Elisa Fernández Romero

Elisa has been a Fulham resident for the last 20 years. Her dream has always been to provide a place where children are given the experience of discovering the answer for themselves, to create a lifelong love of learning as a self-directed process of problem solving and discovery.

Elisa learnt about the Montessori approach when her two sons started their early years education. As she discovered more about the Montessori method, she was inspired by the spirit and philosophy behind it and this is when she decided to become a Montessori Directress. A former Nursery Deputy, Elisa has over ten years of experience teaching both Nursery and Reception age groups and throughout these years, her passion and strong vocation to teach and to make a difference in the child’s life has continued to grow.

Agnese Mugnai

Agnese was born in Montevarchi, a small village in the heart of Tuscany. Her mothers’ passion for teaching was her inspiration to become a Montessori and an Early Years educator. Agnese studied at the Liceo Socio-Psico-Pedagogico where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of psychology and pedagogy. A few years later she moved to London where she fulfilled her ambition to become a Montessori Directress. Since then, Agnese has been teaching the Montessori philosophy, enchanting the uniqueness of each child in her class.

Agnese has a passion for art and she truly enjoys watching the children experiment and express themselves freely when they engage in all sort of expressive arts activities. She has led various nursery leaderships positions.